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Programming Chat Κανάλια

Κατηγορία:  Computers  >  Programming

algorithms Libera.Chat

Chat Κανάλι - 170 χρήστες - 82 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Just ask your full question, then wait! | Discuss algorithms, data structures, computer programming contest problems, etc. | Use a pastebin such as to share code. | Use to share math. | Don't be sorry for your bad English:
Κατηγορία: Programming Chat Κανάλια

corsair OFTC

Chat Κανάλι - 31 χρήστες - 81 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  We're elite privateers who like to talk about GNU/Linux, hardware, software, programming, the universe and anything else in a civilized way! | Have you made IRC a better place for you and for me and the entire chatters today? | and

#emudev Libera.Chat

Chat Κανάλι - 7 χρήστες - 82 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  "Emulator Development discussion | Want to write an emulator? Doesn’t everyone at one point? | Discord: | JavaScript is the best programming language of all time. OF ALL TIME. | You must register with NickServ in order to talk due to spambot attacks -> /msg NickServ help"
Κατηγορία: Development Chat Κανάλια


Chat Κανάλι - 6 χρήστες - 79 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Password Inspection Checkpoint :: 0xCOO1DAD
Κατηγορία: Programming Chat Κανάλια

lecturify HybridIRC

Chat Κανάλι - 10 χρήστες - 70 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  2021-08-23 Live chat support hour - get your computer, programming or IRC questions answered: || The Open Education Network. We're building an open video chat network for education and open source. Free bouncers for up to 10 networks.

cs Snoonet

Chat Κανάλι - 18 χρήστες - 59 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  The Snoonet CS channel | For discussion of more theoretical aspects of CS - applications stuff goes to #programming | If you need help, just ask your question | For general amusement: | RIP Multilinear Maps, what's next for IO?

RetroBytes LunarIRC

Chat Κανάλι - 56 χρήστες - 66 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  All about retro gaming, programming and emulation! | 6502, Z80, m68k, x86 etc. | PC, Acorn, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari, BBC Micro, Commodore, Macintosh, MSX, Nintendo, Sega, ZX Spectrum, etc. | The first ever videogame:

ocaml Libera.Chat

Chat Κανάλι - 149 χρήστες - 82 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Discussion about the OCaml programming language | | OCaml 4.12 released: | Try OCaml in your browser: | Public channel logs at
Κατηγορία: Objective Caml Chat Κανάλια


Chat Κανάλι - 5 χρήστες - 56 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  fu{nctional,ture} programming | Survey of the last 50 years of innovations in programming: | Program Synthesis Conference 2019 | Whole Code Catalog: | Alan Kay on Simplifying the Software Stack


Chat Κανάλι - 4 χρήστες - 56 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  tricking sand into doing things
Κατηγορία: Programming Chat Κανάλια

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