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Chat Κανάλι - 65 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα:  Bizi güçlü yapan yediklerimiz degil, hazmettiklerimizdir. Bizi zengin yapan kazandýklarýmýz degil, muhafaza ettiklerimizdir. Bizi bilgili yapan okuduklarýmýz degil, kafamýza yerleþtirdiklerimizdir. /
Κατηγορία: Chat Chat Κανάλια

tv-chat IRCHighWay

Chat Κανάλι - 2 χρήστες - 103 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  =[ TV-Chat (#tv-central) ]=[ NO servers, no !list, no @find, no auto-requests, no trading ]=[ NO SPOILERS about unaired eps!! ]=[ We are not your research bitches :) --> Check Airdates on: -ENGLISH ONLY!-]=
Κατηγορία: Television Chat Κανάλια

Christian-Chat-Chalice DALnet

Chat Κανάλι - 21 χρήστες - 115 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28 NKJV) / Channel for all group of Themes. Our Website:
Κατηγορία: Christian Chat Κανάλια

World-Chat Rizon

Chat Κανάλι - 15 χρήστες - 117 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Welcome to 💙 #World-Chat 💙 The Ultimate Chat Channel on Rizon IRC Network | Please check | Forum: | Stats: &
Κατηγορία: International Chat Κανάλια

chat PokerLand

Chat Κανάλι - 3 χρήστες - 98 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Welcome to PokerLand This a Chat channel please be polite . Enjoy! to join tables please check #Lobby. *NEW* Ratholling Protection Enabled More info will be added soon for now Ratholling is ~60 mintues countdown to be reset for each player**
Κατηγορία: Chat Chat Κανάλια

gentoo-chat Libera.Chat

Chat Κανάλι - 358 χρήστες - 117 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  RIP doc235 | Rules: | To obtain Griz's seekrit notes file, see | ##notgentoo-idlerpg for classic Idle RPG fun with fellow Gentoo users
Κατηγορία: Gentoo Chat Κανάλια

spigot-chat SpigotMC

Chat Κανάλι - 21 χρήστες - 95 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Welcome to #spigot-chat, for off-the-record chat by registered users | Now with 100% less spam and 25% more intelligence | Normal #spigot rules still apply | Please no public logging of this channel
Κατηγορία: Chat Chat Κανάλια

Psicologia-in-chat SimosNap

Chat Κανάλι - 8 χρήστες - 95 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Psicologia-in-chat è un salotto virtuale dove poter parlare e confrontarsi liberamente. Disponibilità psicologi: Venerdì dalle ore 18:00 alle ore 19:00
Κατηγορία: Psychology Chat Κανάλια

linuxmint-chat SpotChat

Chat Κανάλι - 117 χρήστες - 94 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα:  Official Linux Mint Chat Channel | Channel Rules: - for support use #linuxmint-help | All languages are welcome. No politics. No religion. Safe For Work conversations only.
Κατηγορία: Linux Mint Chat Κανάλια

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