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hamfest GeekShed

Chat Κανάλι - 58 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: Bot announcing new for-sale listings: /r/hamfest eBay hamradiodeals(UK) vkclassifieds(AU) kijiji(CA) craigslist funkamateur(DE) | #redditnet for discussion | latest: /msg qrm: !qrzfs !eham !qthads !hamfest !kwarc !bcswap !hamdealsuk !vk !cl !fa !ebay !ebayau

dj KampungChat

Chat Κανάλι - 2 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: DJs typically perform for a live audience in a nightclub or dance club or a TV, radio broadcast audience, or in the 2010s, an online radio audience. DJs also create mixes, remixes and tracks that are recorded for later sale and distribution. In hip hop music, DJs may create beats, using percussion breaks,

steam Rizon

Chat Κανάλι - 14 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: | | | Free coffee and doughnuts in the lobby! | Discord : | 🍁 Autumn Sale: Nov 21! 🍁 | 🎄 Winter Sale: Dec 21! 🎄 |
Κατηγορία: Computer Games Chat Κανάλια

Quellidellaportaaccanto SimosNap

Chat Κανάλι - 11 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: Ti serve lo zucchero, il caffé o il sale??? Oppure vuoi solo fare quattro chiacchere in allegria? La nostra porta è sempre aperta..... siamo quelli della Porta accanto....

pazzainter SimosNap

Chat Κανάλι - 15 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: è uN CoRo CHe SaLe a SoGNaRe Su e Giù DaLLa NoRD NoVaNTa MiNuTi PeR SeGNaRe NeRaZZuRRi, Noi SaReMo Qui NeRaZZuRRi PaZZi CoMe Te NeRaZZuRRi NoN FaTeCi SoFFRiRe, Ma Va BeNe, ViNCeReMo iNSieMe!

nbpy freenode

Chat Κανάλι - 22 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: North Bay Python 2018 – November 3 & 4 in Petaluma, California | Tickets on sale! | 2017 videos: |

ukip Snoonet

Chat Κανάλι - 2 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: /r/UKIP - "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Currency." | Absolutely, unequivocally nothing to do with #ukipparty | Jean-Claude Juncker voodoo dolls now on sale. |

TCL-HELP Undernet

Chat Κανάλι - 67 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: Welcome to The World of TCL - Season of customized scripts is open. Do NOT message @/+v without asking. (- for sale xScores - FootBall Edition script -)
Κατηγορία: Tcl Tk Chat Κανάλια

#newboston freenode

Chat Κανάλι - 7 χρήστες - τρέχον θέμα: "HAS BLOWN A CAPACITOR SO CAN'T BE TESTED." -- proud owner of broken Peavey CS800 for sale kek...
Κατηγορία: Boston Chat Κανάλια

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