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unrealircd Teranova

Chat Κανάλι - 18 χρήστες - 276 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL support channel for UnrealIRCd.​ |​ Ask your questions directly.​ Try reading the Docs first.​ We might be able to help you else go to the official forum.​ Google Helps.​ |​ For anope quotes click http:/​/​anopequotes.​org |​ When pasting lines longer than 3 lines,​ please use a pastebin!
Κατηγορία: Unreal Ircd Chat Κανάλια

Nightstar NightStar.Net

Chat Κανάλι - 16 χρήστες - 281 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Welcome to Nightstar! |​|​ Please do not paste more than 3 lines or you will be kicked.​ Use a pastebin instead.​ |​|​ This topic is required reading.​ There will be a test at the end.​ |​|​ Note: Admin responses may be delayed.​ Please keep in mind that network staff may be busy.​
Κατηγορία: tar Chat Κανάλια

devbookclub freenode

Chat Κανάλι - 3 χρήστες - 292 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Dev Book Club http:/​/​devbookclub.​org |​ We meet every other week to discuss a chapter out of a technical book on Google+ Hangouts on Air.​ Join the discussion,​ share what you learned.​ |​ Currently Reading: Clean Code by Robert Martin http:/​/​amzn.​com/​0132350882 |​ Operated by jcarouth
Κατηγορία: Development Books Chat Κανάλια

code Rizon

Chat Κανάλι - 78 χρήστες - 292 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Welcome to ​#code |​ If you can't talk,​ go to https:/​/​softpunk.​github.​io/​register/​ |​ Guidelines: http:/​/​softpunk.​github.​io/​guidelines/​ |​ Mandatory reading: https:/​/​softpunk.​github.​io/​littlebrother/​ and http:/​/​howtomakeanrpg.​com/​a/​not-your-problem.​html
Κατηγορία: Programming Chat Κανάλια

botflood LizardIRC

Chat Κανάλι - 9 χρήστες - 282 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Shit is gonna go down |​ ​#botflood: Setting back artificial intelligence development by 20 years,​ each and every day! |​ Is anyone actually reading all this? |​ Of course not,​ we're all just waiting for the singularity |​ FastLizard4 was mean to my bot.​ :(

​#AGI freenode

Chat Κανάλι - 33 χρήστες - 292 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Artificial General Intelligence (Strong AI) |​ Stay on topic.​ Discuss narrow AI in ​#ai.​ |​ Links: http:/​/​j.​mp/​AGI-group |​ Projects: ​#nars ​#nupic ​#opencog ​#tensorflow |​ Reading: http:/​/​waitbutwhy.​com/​2015/​01/​artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.​html

tinaclub freenode

Chat Κανάλι - 6 χρήστες - 292 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Welcome to ​#tinaclub.​ This custom made generic message makes you feel welcome.​ If you do not feel welcome after reading this message,​ please read this message again until you have achieved the desired effect.​ Thank you,​ and have a nice day.​

fittit freenode

Chat Κανάλι - 49 χρήστες - 292 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Welcome to ​#fitness |​ Reading studies is bad for hypertrophy and bad for strength.​ |​ DO THE PROGRAM and READ,​ NOT SKIM the FAQS: (http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​rfitfaq http:/​/​examine.​com/​faq/​)|​ Stuff: http:/​/​swole.​fatti.​es

aria-system freenode

Chat Κανάλι - 3 χρήστες - 292 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: <https:/​/​lo.​lisex.​org/​are.​org>; Secret global domination project with a focus on anti-UNIX advocacy; required reading → <https:/​/​pinboard.​in/​u:pecan/​t:pecanon>; AS/​400; Forth; APL; REBOL; May Arthur Whitney guide us
Κατηγορία: Systems Chat Κανάλια

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