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Jerusalem Chat Κανάλια

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Jerusalem DALnet

Chat Κανάλι - 3 χρήστες - 52 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Prophet MOhammad (PBUH) said: "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things (Saqalayn) among you: the Book of Allah and my kindred (itrah), my household Ahlul Bayt (Ahl al-Bayt), for indeed, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the Pond (of al Kawthar on the Day of Judgement)."
Κατηγορία: Jerusalem Chat Κανάλια

palestine DALnet

Chat Κανάλι - 31 χρήστες - 52 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: U dont know Jerusalem affluently, Jerusalem is God's bread and water...its heart is vast, its religion is opulent, its faith is boundless and bountiful.....and its walls arent for sale! i ("`v´") palestine!

Qatar DALnet

Chat Κανάλι - 41 χρήστες - 52 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: القدس عاصمة فلسطين Jerusalem capital of Palestine ~*~ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 My the new year bring loads of Smiles with Great Health ~ ALWAYS - ALLAH Huma AMEEN ~*~
Κατηγορία: Qatar Chat Κανάλια

israel LibraIRC

Chat Κανάλι - 43 χρήστες - 40 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: €€€€€€€€€€€€ Welcome to #israel Trump say Jerusalem capital of israel :) €€€€€€€€€€€€
Κατηγορία: Israel Chat Κανάλια

kick DALnet

Chat Κανάλι - 13 χρήστες - 52 λεπτά πρίν - τρέχον θέμα: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel... Welcome To #kick

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